Is Online Learning for You?

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Distant learning has always been looked at like something convenient and advantageous for passionate learners. Nonetheless, it also remained a niche difficult to manage. But now, thanks to technology, this niche has been transformed into ‘online learning’ leveraging the power of the internet. Many universities now offer online study programs for all those who cannot manage to physically attend an educational institution.

Although the program seems interesting and useful, it does have some downsides as well. Is online learning all worth it? Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • Ease of Access: A key benefit of online learning is its freedom of access. As soon as you have the internet connection available to you, you can always attend your online sessions regardless of your present location. And, if you know how to configure VPN on iPad, Android tablet, or your smartphone, you can stay connected to your online classes securely.
  • No Geographical Limitations: Since the idea of online learning merely leverages the internet, it does not require you to physically mark your attendance in your class. Many universities and institutions also allow online registration to remote students.
  • Course Flexibility: With online education program, you are mostly free to choose your desired courses for study. This allows you to polish your skills and increase knowledge as needed.
  • Content In Multiple Formats: Online learning offers the course content to you in a variety of formats. From online audios/videos to live streaming, handouts, notes, and online books, you can opt for just any format that suits your needs.


  • Limited Practical Experience: Since you learn entirely online, it will be difficult for you to get hands-on experience of various techniques, gadgets, and lab procedures unless you arrange them for your own use. 
  • Continued Procrastination: While the absence of accountability sometimes appears as a plus to the students, it also makes it difficult for them to fight back procrastination. The entire responsibility of enhancing your skills and educating yourself lies on your own shoulders.
  • Difficulty Finding Legit Tutors: Just like any other online niche, the scammers do not fail to miss the area of online learning for their malicious practices. Since you have no physical interaction to the institution, it will be very difficult for you to verify the existence of an online institute as legit. Rather, you are most likely to fall a prey to fake online schools, and universities where you waste money for low-quality courses, substandard education, and fake degrees.
  • No Campus Life: With online learning, you miss the pros of usual campus life for learning, such as classroom discussions, quick interaction with the teachers, individual attention, regular tests, and enhancing social skills.